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Building Technologies for Businesses, Social Life & Everyday Purpose! We connect people, businesses and gives you power to build communities.

About What We Do & Who We Are

Wafleries is a technology company. We build products that enable people connect, share, discover, educate, inform, enrich life’s, entertain, build communities, and inspire people across languages, cultures and geographies.

What We Build

We build uptodate social, business, educational, entertainment and social technologies. Our solutions are aimed at giving every single internet user opportunity to connect with ease whilst enjoying the pleasures associated with it.

Our Mission

To give everyone the power to have access to wide market for businesses, build communities and enjoy the pleasure of communication & entertainment globally through our technologies. Thereby bringing the world closer each other.

Our Culture

We design products and deliver services that bring the world closer together in one connection at a time. Wafleries is defined by our unique culture, one that rewards impact. We encourage our people to be bold and solve the problems they care most about with our technologies.

A Glimpse of Career with Us

We're a fast-growing team of talented and daring individuals, who are intentional and commited to building Wafleries Products to power the future of Africa now and the rest of the world.

Amazing Products, Services & Features for you

--our first product @WAFCONNECT

Wafconnect is a super social platform for socializing, buying and selling, and entertainment aimed at connecting people, businesses and giving everyone power to build communities with ease and flexibility of experience.

SuperHero Doing the Most

At Wafleries, we believe everyone is a SuperHero and as such should have the opportunity to express themselves without limit..

Buying & Selling with Ease

Shop with others | Sell Faster | Sell to Target Customers| Advertise | Own a Status Shop | and lots more...

Connect & Socialize

Meet new friends, Stay Connected to Old friends, Gain Control of Your Audience and tell interesting stories about life's events...

Enjoy the Best of Entertainment

Live Stream | Host Online Events | Own a Video & Audio Studio | & do lots more ...

Experience Endless Possibilities of Socializing, Entertainment, Buying and Selling with Ease!!

Meet Our Team

We currently have a great team of individuals working towards our product growth

Obi Favour Nduka


Favour Obi Nduka

Founder/CEO Wafleries Technologies
steven etugbo


Steven Etugbo

Co-Founder/CTO Wafleries Technologies
Mishel Osogbue


Mishel Osogbue

Chief Financial Officer, Wafleries Technologies
Adinkwu Felix


Felix Adinkwu

Head of Operations, Wafleries Technologies


Kennedy Onwugbolu

Business/Growth Officer, Wafleries Technologies


Joshua Ochenogor

Marketing Officer,Wafleries Technologies

Together We Can Build The Nigerian-African Community Partner or Invest With Us . . .